A quick, low-cost and a quality way to build a log house

Mebor presents it’s multifunctional log lathe Mebor SB 420. The machine brings an advanced way of building log houses, which is simple and quick. The construction of log houses is solid and very well insulated. As it is well known for all Mebor machines, the SB 420 is also made with a strong construction and strong motors, which enable high capacities and turning to a desired diameter in only one step.

Make a log house only with one machine

With the SB 420 you can make rounded logs with all the necessary grooves and drill holes. Rounded logs are prepared for immediate use.

Make a quality log house

First the SB 420 turns the log to a desired diameter with it’s two coping heads. Then it makes a longitudinal groove with the longitudinal coping head. The longitudinal groove enables fitting of the logs and excellent insulation. Then the machine makes two cross grooves, one on each side, with the cross coping head. Cross grooves enable corner joining. While making the cross grooves  the machine also makes drill holes, which are used to join the logs. The product is a rounded log, ready to use. The fitting ability of the logs makes the construction simple and quick.


The SB 420 can also be made in a mobile version, which enables log rounding on the construction site and immediate use of rounded logs. To make rounded logs we can use all types of wood, which means we can also use wood that is not appropriate for cutting.

Technical data

The machine includes two coping heads, two drilling machines, two hydraulic log lifters, two tailstocks with hydraulic restraint, a motor for rotating the log, a belt conveyor for waste removing.

  • Maximum length of the log: 9000 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the log: 600 mm
  • Maximum diameter of a rounded log: 420 mm
  • Total length: 12000 mm
  • Total width:  2100 mm
  • Total height: 2350 mm
  • Power of the coping head motor 2x13kW


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